Amanda Toszer is a friend of Creative Airdrie Society.  She is an Airdrie based Artist specializing in graphite portraits, wall murals and face and body paintings.  You can find out more on her Amandamazing Art Facebook Page or website.


Hello Airdrie!

Creative Airdrie is a huge part of our city and their annual celebration of art & culture, ARTember, lets us see local, and new, talent.  I have been with ARTember since the beginning.  And I’ll be there once again, on Oct 1 to support the unveiling of the Canada 150 Mosaic at Nose Creek Park.  I’ll have some talented youth with me, all doing Face Painting for the kids who come out to the event that day.

Being and artist and a Mom keeps me on my toes.   But I wouldn’t have it any other way.   I’m proud to be part of the local arts scene and to be able to share my work and knowledge with the community.  Here’s just some of the ways I contribute to this important aspect of Airdrie life…

My summer consisted of theatre work and makeup for performers (including one Indy film).

Face painting for events.

Murals and custom art for clients.

Makeup demos for Cosmo classes at our local middle and high schools. (Last year I did demos in beauty, theatrical, gore fx and skin care. Funny how the kids love the gore fx the best! I was chosen to judge student finals and it was difficult with so many talented kids.  We have some amazing teachers at our schools to help these kids grow in their talent.

This month several artists, including myself, were chosen to team up with local poets via Mike Loughman for a Mental Health Awareness Auction.  We will be creating art pieces that reflect the significance and underlying meaning in the poems. I’m looking forward to canvas work again.

I’m proud to be a part of the local arts community in Airdrie in whatever way adds value.  Whether its volunteering at an event, sharing what I know about my craft with kids, or just encouraging other artists, I look forward to many more years to come.

Amanda Toszer