-chairperson greetings-

From our chairperson

WELCOME! On behalf of the Creative Airdrie Society and the ARTember Organizing Committee I’d like to welcome you to the 6th annual ARTember.
This year our celebration has been reinvented to leverage the success we’ve had over the past five years while continuing to evolve as our community grows, changes and wants more! Our goal is to create excitement, wonder, fun and a feeling of commitment and belonging to our beautiful city and its citizens.

We pay homage to Airdrie’s history with some of our new features this year including our beer gardens dubbed Village 1889 in honour of the year Airdrie officially became a Village. And the Rock the Rails concert series giving a nod to our railway heritage. And just for fun we’ve updated some other venues like the food trucks in our Nosh Pit and the artisan Maker’s Market. Also new is an art installation challenge taking place right before attendees’ eyes and a chance for all citizens to view and bid on one of the coveted and one-of-a-kind AIRdirondack chairs.

We are proud to expand our commitment of exposing citizens to different artists and art by showcasing local, regional and international talent on our stage and throughout the various venues in East Lake Park. And of course we are always excited to continue to partner with many of Airdrie’ s community arts and culture organizations to make this truly a community effort.

I want to take this opportunity to thank the volunteers who blow my mind every day with their commitment to making ARTember a success. Their creativity is a testament to the talent we have in Airdrie. Their energy and endless hours is a testament to their individual desire to make Airdrie a place we can all be proud of.
And, of course, to our many sponsors and corporate partners, a big Thank You for your continued support. See who has been an integral part of our festival on our homepage.

The arts are an incredible force for the development of a community. Keep our handy guide close for planning your weekend, or visit our website at ARTember.ca so you don’t miss a thing. Spread the excitement - grab a friend, a co-worker and your entire extended family and introduce them to our wonderful festival. Come out and join in this celebration of arts and culture in Airdrie, September 30th – October 2nd.

Come! Get your art on!

Deanna Hunter
Chair, Organizing Committee