Samreen Junaid, founder & owner of Traditional Glimpse was born and raised in a culture where Henna is a part of everyday living, and is also used for medicinal purposes.

Moving to Airdrie 6 years ago she noticed how this city celebrated art in a way she hadn’t seen before. However, she did notice that one art form was missing. This was the spark that ignited her introduction of Henna art to Airdrie. The result of her efforts was an outpouring of encouragement, appreciation, and awards for her efforts, as Airdrie residents showered her with love.

Recently, she was awarded the (Airdrie) Mayor’s Art Night award for Champion of the Arts. An award she accepted with huge honor. Henna is Samreen’s passion, and she is thrilled that she can share the beauty of Henna with everyone.

Traditional Glimpse will be decorating festival-goers in our Maker’s Market this year.  Her clients come in all ages, and she has spent countless hours researching her products resulting in safe Henna body art. Check out her skills here on her Facebook page!

At ARTember this year Henna Art is $5.00 for children and $10 for adults (11+), and she also carries a large range of allergy free jewelry, which will be available too.

Thank you for joining us again this year Samreen, we can’t wait for you to decorate us!

20160717_2320eid3 henna-chair