Family founded, owned, and ran Quilt Generations derived very innocently from a passion that a mother & daughter duo didn’t even know they shared, until a decade ago.

It was approximately 10 years ago when a family member wanted to know if Bonnie Fleming (founder & mother) would be interested in joining her for a day of quilting.  Little did she know that it would be the beginning of her next passion-filled career.  Bonnie’s daughter, who was staying with her at the time, decided to make some simple ragtime Christmas stockings.  In the blink of a stitch, she also caught the quilting bug!

After a series of quick events they opened their online store Quilt Generations.  Based right here in Airdrie, they are here to serve all of your quilting needs.  You can find them at

We are thrilled to have them in our Maker’s Market at this year’s ARTember. Things you can expect to find at their table are finished bed quilts, lap quilts, small wall hangings and table runners.  Their prices for what they’ll have available this year start at only $25.00 and go up from there.  They will be accepting Visa, MC and Cash.

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