The ARTS Society is a group of artists who help support and provide mentorship for local artist and to help in the development of a stronger and flourishing arts community.  Together we develop lasting friendships and create strong relationships with businesses and other organizations who value the arts so we can become even stronger together and enrich our community and its future generation with all the arts has to offer…..All while being creative and having Fun!


This year The ARTS is celebrating 10th years as a part of the Airdrie community and we are excited to hosting new annual event during Artember called The OPENAIR GALLERY!  Our members are clearing out their studios and giving the public a chance to own an original piece art and great prices as well as enjoy live art demos through out the weekend and bid in the silent auction.

At the event, we will also be a wonderful public art project that helps celebrate our 10 years, Canada’s 150 and the people that make Airdrie Great! Be sure to come with your family and place your creative mark and be part of our art history.




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